Grades 5-8

Middle School

Division Head: Joana Dieterich
Dean of Students: Lisa Jones
Curriculum Coach: Karen Spencer

Middle School GirlsThe Middle School believes the role of the faculty and administration is to provide students with a transition between elementary and high school. This belief guides all decisions made in the division including schedule design, disciplinary system, advisory program, elective courses, athletic program and spiritual development of students. During their four years in Middle School, faculty works with students to develop personal responsibility, ability to study God’s Word independently, and academic proficiency providing them with the foundation to be successful in high school.

Abundant Life

Parkview Baptist School strives to be academically excellent along with providing a Christ centered education. Students are privileged to be able to Worship God freely throughout the day in many different areas of school.  Abundant Life refers to Christian teachings on prosperity and health for the total human being, including the body, mind, emotions, relationships, material needs, and eternal life. The Bible, the good news (Christianity), and salvation are essential elements of these teachings.  In and out of the classroom teachers incorporate abundant life teaching students of God’s Love and Glory.


The middle school curriculum actively engages students in problem solving and critical thinking. Through science labs, writing conferences, cooperative learning activities, technology-based projects, experts visiting the classrooms and field experiences, students have ample opportunity to develop critical thinking skills while learning the necessary content. Many courses are also available in the honors track.  Eighth grade students can earn high school credit in several areas including math, science, health and second languages.


The arts department at Parkview Baptist School is designed to develop an appreciation of theatre, music and visual arts. Arts faculty nurture and build the confidence necessary for students to perform at their highest level of ability. Through drama productions, art shows, performances, competitions and daily interactions, students develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel. Opportunities for students include band, choir, praise team, annual art shows and theatre productions.


The philosophy of Parkview Baptist School athletics is to foster athletic teams that exemplify Christ-like competitiveness, coaching and sportsmanship. The middle school division encourages students to experience a variety of sports in an effort to discover their gifts and interests. A wide range of athletic teams are offered to both boys and girls including football, softball, volleyball, basketball, track, swimming, cross-country, soccer and tennis. Middle School athletic programs are built on the philosophy of their high school counterpart.