Grades 9 - 12

Learning Lab

learninglab1What is Learning Lab?

Some of our students bring with them different aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses, and needs. As a college preparatory school, PBS requires all students to maintain an overall 2.0 GPA. Students with average to above average intelligence who have ADHD and/or learning differences often require individualized assistance to realize success in the academic arena. To meet the demand for this service, PBS implemented a Learning Lab for students currently enrolled at PBS.

Download the Learning Lab fee sheet and brochure.

What services are available in Learning Lab?

  •  Study skills
  •  Tutoring in all subjects, including foreign language and electives – Click here to access the tutoring request form. 
  •  Test administration (i.e. oral testing, small group testing, extended time)
  •  In some instances, smaller math and English classes
  •  Test taking skills
  • Organizational help
  • Homework & classwork assistance
  • Scheduling assistance
  • ACT accommodation
  • Weekly progress monitoring

Students may be recommended for this program by parents, teachers, or administrators. To qualify, a doctor’s ADHD diagnosis and/or complete diagnostic evaluation must be completed within the past three years by a certified professional diagnostician, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Written testing results and recommendations must be provided by the parents.

Which accommodations are offered to Learning Lab students?

The Learning Lab Coordinator will devise a service plan for each student based on their psycho-educational assessment and/or medical evaluation. Extended time for test taking is offered to students with a documented disability who have a service plan. All other accommodations other than extended time are considered on a case by case basis. A determination will be made as to the school’s ability to provide the reasonable and appropriate accommodations.

Will students receive credit for this course?

Yes, students receive a .5 study skills credit for every semester involved in the program.