Grades 9 - 12

Parkview Baptist High School

Division Head: Ben D. Haindel

Abundant Life

High school students and faculty attend chapel each week on Wednesday morning. The chapel program is designed to be a time of Chapel1worship, praise, and study of God’s word. Chapel worship, as well as group Bible study, is often student-led.


The high school curriculum actively engages students in problem solving and critical thinking. Through science labs, writing labs, cooperative learning activities, technology-based projects, experts visiting the classrooms, and field experiences, students have ample opportunity to develop critical thinking skills while learning the necessary content. Advanced Placement and Honors courses are available.  Additionally, virtual school courses and college credit opportunities are offered.


The arts department at Parkview Baptist School is designed to enhance students’ cultural understanding and to develop an appreciation of theatre, music and visual arts, as well as to nurture and build the confidence necessary for students to perform at their highest level of ability. Through drama productions, art shows, performances, competitions, and daily interactions, students develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel personally and professionally. Opportunities for students include band, drum line, choir, praise team, fall and spring art shows and theatre productions.

Tarwater Radio Show PromoAthletics

The philosophy of Parkview Baptist School athletics is to foster athletic teams that exemplify Christ-like competitiveness, coaching, and sportsmanship. PBS is a member school of the LHSAA (Louisiana High School Athletic Association) and competes as a division 3-A school. A wide range of athletic teams are offered to both boys and girls including football, baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, track, swimming, cross-country, golf, tennis, and soccer.