Grades 1 - 4


Division Head: Jeff Lilley

At Parkview Baptist School, we believe the Elementary division is the foundation for education. PBS provides solid groundwork so students can achieve their greatest potential moving forward. Our focus is helping students master basic skills while promoting the critical thinking and higher-level problem solving that will be the building blocks for life-long school success.

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Elementary students and faculty attend chapel each Thursday. The chapel program is designed to be a time of worship, praise and the study of God’s word. Additionally, Bible is taught as a separate subject and is incorporated throughout the day. The first Thursday of every month is dress chapel. Students also participate in various grade-level mission projects throughout the year.


The elementary curriculum is developmentally appropriate and involves hands-on activities. Teachers incorporate multiple teaching strategies and technologies to appeal to every learning style. Through careful planning and research, teachers are able to provide a strong foundation that fosters critical thinking skills. Special attention is given to language acquisition including reading, writing and speaking skills. Using manipulatives, models, and deep questions, students gain a conceptual understanding of the math concepts they are taught. They are able to move beyond surface level memorization of skills to explain the applied process. Science is an inquiry-based program designed to allow the students to experience the concepts in which they are learning. The social studies curriculum is rich in non-fiction literature, and in third and fourth grade, interactive notebooks are incorporated.


The elementary division strives to bring out the artistic talents in all of its students. Through drama, music and visual arts, PBS strives to develop artistic skills and knowledge in all students. All elementary students participate in music and art classes. The arts are also integrated into daily lessons in the classroom.


In an effort to increase physical activity, Early Childhood students participate in a developmentally appropriate physical education program daily. Teachers strive to instill Christ-like character traits while helping students develop life-long skills of teamwork and cooperativeness. Emphasis is placed on exercise, basic skill development and group activities.