Pre-K, TK, and K


Price, Marline

Marline Price, Early Childhood and Elementary Art


The early childhood art program is designed to teach children to appreciate the beautiful world God has made and to see His artistic craftsmanship through the world of fine art. Students are presented with various projects based on the elements of art: color, form, line, shape, space, texture and value. These projects help inspire students to express themselves while experiencing the use of different media. Art history and exposure to the works of famous artists are interjected into the curriculum throughout each project.



Carruth, Marla

Marla Carruth, Early Childhood and Elementary Music


The early childhood music department is proud to provide the newest and most effective teaching methods to inspire great musicianship. Every child has the opportunity to learn about composers and music history along with music theory and composition. The music classroom is a great place to find a child’s creative side through the use of hands-on teaching and a strong eurhythmics teaching program. This program combines a unique technique of bodily response to rhythm and music using improvisation and artistry. Another wonderful tool in the music class is the Technology Music Learning Zone which gives every student a chance to compose and perform like a real musician.